My newest obsession: japanese anime… yeah!

okay, so never type in Japanese anime on Google images. it just comes up with a bunch of porn that apparently is not illegal just because its animated….? yeah, i don’t know. but my newest obsession is Japanese anime. i love the movies, the pictures, the cartoons, everything! i especially love the movie spirited away, its amazing. its very unique and creative. Oh, and check out the movie ponyo, its pretty cute! oh and im going to attach a picture of a drooling sky boy and a different picture of a Japanese girl with a pretty robe and an emo japenese girl. leave me a comment of what you think and what your latest obsession is!

whatever jerk dumped her needs to die! Japanese girl who looks cool. tell me your latest obsession by leaving me a comment! thanks!

hes so adorable!

ohhhhh... fascinating!


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