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I’m no Shakira

I can’t shake my hips like num-chucks
I can’t get-get lower than the floor
i can’t look at you and make you go speechless

i can’t strip- it down on a pole,

but baby i’ll strip any habbits you don’t like,

i’ll clean my heart and write your name on it, i can write a song about you, and sing it on tune, and isn’t that what matters?

and that i’ll wait for you all night in the cold.

i’ll throw rocks at your window until you look out, and i’ll do it so perfectly your parents won’t know.

cause baby i love you, and i’m gonna wait ti’ll you love me to,

sorry, i’m no shakira.

waitng for you...


You Know Who You Are

when your down and can’t bring yourself to be

bigger than the world

cause your just a girl, a girl like you and me.

i move up and down,

sorrow makes no sound…

when someones broken me, all i gotta be,

a girl like you and me.

cause we can change the world, if we love enough to try,

we can’t stop the pain, life doesnt just have games,

but you know who you are.

and who are they to difine what different is?

and who am i to say who you are?

only you know, and no words can make it clear.

you know who you are...

Loving Myself

They say love is boundless, That girls need their man, but first i need to find myself, in all thats happening.

because how i tell,

how im feelin,

about you,

when my heart, my pride,

and my common scense has been replaced with something new.

i can’t love again

till i love myself… and the things i want to do.

i need self confidence, to be respected

or to respect you.

I can’t be judged

for the first time that i have trusted somebody, you turn me down and let me go down with all the rest,

i thought you were my insperation, then you came into my beautiful melody and ate it up.

when there wasn’t single flickering lamp in that stupid dark cave we called a relationship, i trusted you.. and what did you do? you messed it up and messed me up. Because you didn’t even love me,  but its not all your fault, you didn’t know me as well as i wanted you to. but you judged me and took me for the girl im not.

but i dont hate you, i hope you have a log full life, and i hope someday here my voice asking you:

didn’t you remember how how much i loved ya?

i am she.

and if you remember, then and only then will i come back for you.

but until then,  goodbye from she.

is this what i thought was love…?

you’d think i’d forget about you, after all i put us through. and i know i should, i would if i could.

you’d think another guy would distract me from you, from what you do.

but i cant forget what we had what we could of been.

but im tired of your crap, even if i need you, i dont want to. is this what i thought was love…?

im supposed to love him not you.

It’s Not Me

maybe im just stupid

over reacting

but when you said that

you might as well have pulled a knife to me

you think you know me, who i am, who im gonna be

you think its me who falls

for the trap of it all

but its not me

i sware

i wont let me down

to burn back their

not one of those girls

givin up so easily…

you think im the one

to fall

but no,

its not me.

light in the darkness

i cried
for other people
but now its for me,
its for her, for us, my best friend.
gone like the sun is now,
i hope she earns her wings to fly,
away from anything she doesnt like,
and maybe a love of hers will find that she is a light in the darkness, that she makes sense in all this madness,
cause if your a light, god will take herby the hand and show her the way, cause shes a light in this darkness in these dark dark days.

i miss you forever

self doubt

be youself!have you ever asked yourself

what its like to fly

what its like to loose somebody

what its like to die

what its like to see the world

under your own wing

what its like to be yourself and do one more crazy thing

over and over

i hear your voice in my head

nagging me

to be myself and forget

i be someone else instead and it never works out

gotta get over my own self doubt

have you ever thought at all why your standing here

the future seems so far away

yet it is so near

somewhere is the hidden key

maybe beneath your smile

maybe i will save the world

it will be around for a while

over and over i hear your voice in my head

nagging me to be myself and forget

i be someone else instead and it never works out

gotta get over my own self doubt

look beneath

look beneathwhen he sees a butterfly, we see a cucoon.

when he glances at the sun, we see a hint of the moon.

when he feeds a unicorn we stare in disbeleif

then we slowly walk away cause we still think there extinct

look beneath

we need to fly

we need to soar

we need to explore imagination

opportunity is knocking at our doors

you’ve gotta yell

you’ve gotta scream

we gotta read between the lines

in the future we shall see

jesus keeps telling me

we should look beneath


“say a prayer

close your eyes

just relax

and try to realize

the golden gates

are open to you

theres just one more thing that you’ve got to do

so ask lord god to come into your heart

Have faith in his ways

never shall you part

fruit of the spirit

pick one by one

eat and be holy

your jobs never done

always make someones life

easier than yours

because if everyone suffers

theres no love to adore

so say a prayer

close your eyes

give all you’ve got

kindness has its prize

when heaven doors

are open to you

it will all be worth itso do what you’ve got to do

and enjoy it

say a prayer close your eyes just relaz and try to realize.

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