About the author

About the author:

hello my name is Nicole West,

i grew up in Allyn, Washington.

i lived with my mom till i was 2 years old, then my dad took over and brought me to live with my grandparents.

i saw my mom twice a year and my dad every weekend. when i was 6, we went to court and i found out i was being adopted.

i went to seattle every weekend where my dad lives and went to a play with him and slept over night at his house.

when i was just beginning second grade we moved to hick town, (eastern Washington) up near wenatchee and this is my 5th year here in Winthrop.  i am in sixth grade now and am 12. i have co-co colored school becuase i am half white and half black cause my mom is white and my dads black.

my favorite subjects in school are writing and recess and we dont do writing very often.

so i opened up my own blog to share the songs, poems, and updates that i have written.

yup, thats me, songs4soul.

please enjoy the blog!

this is me.


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