I can’t be judged

for the first time that i have trusted somebody, you turn me down and let me go down with all the rest,

i thought you were my insperation, then you came into my beautiful melody and ate it up.

when there wasn’t single flickering lamp in that stupid dark cave we called a relationship, i trusted you.. and what did you do? you messed it up and messed me up. Because you didn’t even love me,  but its not all your fault, you didn’t know me as well as i wanted you to. but you judged me and took me for the girl im not.

but i dont hate you, i hope you have a log full life, and i hope someday here my voice asking you:

didn’t you remember how how much i loved ya?

i am she.

and if you remember, then and only then will i come back for you.

but until then,  goodbye from she.


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